Hello people ,

So yes , I have finally started blogging  after a lot of  envision. Well it all started in my head , from 26th december . A day which i plausibly will never forget . I still remember that day . It has definitely left behind an imprint in my life , but more importantly , I had a desire to do something . Ah yeah , creating a blog was one of them. It’s like a crazy tennager , either getting really excited and hyped up or sitting in some corner of the room when depressed. And yes, I surely  am no different . Maybe I wanted to prove something to the world , or maybe I wanted to do something different . Maybe I wanted to bring about a change . And a blog is a really good way to share my  thoughts with the public . 

Well , I know that I am not really good at this . But I do know , that I will improve . And there has to be a start sometime or the other . And why not today , because 26 December was not the day…

I will probably be updating this blog every week, or whenever my schedule permits me to. And honestly , I still don’t know how this thing works . But , I will try my best. And yes , thankyou for reading . I will be glad if I could make any difference .