Hello ,

Apologies. But then – it took me time to write this poem (a lot of time ). I hope you guys like it !!!

I am but a shadow in dawn’s presence;

My soul desiccates under torrid sunlight,

Sublimating to the resplendent nothing

As a torpid pulse starves my weepy heart;

Its melancholy wails choked in dry vapor

We are twin siblings of this forsaken world:

The gauche masses chase her with lanterns,

Cursing her presence even in hours of repose;

Only she understands me, broken and forlorn,

Her arms are my comfort as I cry in silence

Our shared sorrow throbs in brittle marrow;

Her slight, gelid touch impales my hollow soul,

I become the cold: shedding corporeal bondage

To adopt her airy skin, I collapse toward umber,

Dissipating as gusts carry me into the unknown.

*Nyctophilia means love of the darkness .

 Ps- I am Nyctophobic. Surprise surprise !!