When the sun sets in the East,    

   And glows golden

               in the west

                    at morning time. 

     That is the day     

       I will abandon you to sadness  

          When  fire burns underwater,

                And that smoke

                     brings back the dead,

      That is the day,

            I will let shadows take you.

      When Sadness threatens to overwhelm,

                Stop worrying,

                     and laugh.

      When Anger starts to take hold,

              Take a deep breath,

                        and smile.

      Once upon a time…

         starts out all the stories.

      And they lived happily ever after,

         ends so many of them.

   A happy ending.

        Everyone wants one.

 Friends are there,

          to make sure you get yours.

And they’ll only give up,

   When the sun sets in the East,





//happy friendship day !!! Much love ❤